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Our Extremely High Quality and Certified Diamonds Welcome to the Zed Diamond, which was established in Dubai in 2022 by ZedPay, where you'll find helpful details and the latest information about our diamond inventory, luxury goods, fashion jewelry, and more. Zed Diamond only caters to elegant, high-class people who  know what they want. As Zed Diamond, we care about our customer's needs and demands. Zed Diamond customers are as know what they want. As Zed Diamond, we care about our customer's needs and demands. Zed Diamond customers are as significant as Zed Diamonds.


The classic of the jewelry world, the diamond blends with different lines of all historical touches and continues to fascinate its lovers. Owning a diamond, a miracle of nature that has existed since the beginning of time, Is a special treat. You can buy unique diamonds anytime and anywhere in ZedDiamond Shop.

Since every individual is special and unique, every diamond is also rare.

Now shop in Zed Diamond to enter the exclusive and prevailing world of Zed Diamonds.


All of our diamonds have an IGI certificate, which proves that our diamonds have world-class

excellency, and the Zed Diamond quality is assured.


IGI (International Gemological Institute.) IGI is the world's foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearls. A public benefit nonprofit institute, IGI is the leading source of  knowledge, standards, and education in gems and jewelry.


You can benefit from our whole and retail diamond sales with Zed Diamond. You can contact us to have the honor of Zed Diamond privilege. The highest quality diamonds in the world are waiting  for you at Zed Diamond!


With Zed Diamond Insurance, you can have a complete purchase experience. After your successful order, your precious and unique diamond will be brought to your hands with extreme care  and security provided by Zed Diamond.

As Zed Diamond, we promise a trustworthy experience for you.

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