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ZedPay Bank Card

A card that feels like home, the opportunity to send and receive money at any time, 24/7

Why should you choose ZedPay Bank Card?

You are one step ahead in life with the privileged services of ZedPay Bank Card. Sending money to friends and family and paying for products and services with ZedPay Wallet is relatively easy once you get used to it.   

How does ZedPay Wallet work?

To send money from the ZedPay Wallet, you will need the receiver's wallet address. The wallet address is a long string of characters that looks like a bank account number. This address shows where the money should go. A small payment is usually charged when sending money to ZedPay, called a "Commission Payment." However, this payment is usually much lower than those set by other methods, such as wire transfers or Western Union.

Is ZedPay Wallet safe?

Your ZedPay Wallet uses advanced encryption techniques to ensure your payment information is never stolen from your smartphone, and they are highly secure as they are usually used for fingerprint-only payments and reside on password-protected devices. Many wallets also have additional security protocols, such as two-factor authentication and one-time PINs, that can be used as needed.

Rent Payments

Rents are always on time, being paid by standing order. You can give rent payment standing orders from your account via ZedPay Bank Card.

Utility Bill Payments

You don't need to worry about your bill payments (telephone, cable TV, internet, mobile phone, water, natural gas, electricity, etc.)

Money Transfer

Perform your money transactions internationally through your ZedPay Bank Card account safely and quickly.

What ZedPay Bank Card is the most demanded in the global area?
ZedPay Bank Card offers cardholders the advantage of minimum commissions besides other card providers. Your payment information is stored in a protected and central location. The card number is never reserved in the app; a unique virtual number is assigned. This means that your money will be protected even if your smartphone is lost or stolen.

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