ZedPay VISA&MasterCard?

ZedPay VISA&MasterCard: As pioneers of Digital Fintech Innovation ZedPay VISA&MasterCard leads the way in numerous innovations and it offers a wide range of features.

These cards are not only physical, but they also include virtual options and digital wallets.
You can create multiple digital wallets within your account, providing a secure platform for conducting international transfers, swaps, payments, and receipts—all at your fingertips with a single touch.

Convert Various Currencies into Fiat with ZedPay VISA&MasterCard.

With ZedPay VISA&MasterCard, you have the power to convert currencies such as USDZ, USDs, EUR, GBP and more fiat effortlessly.


    Simplify Your Global Payments and Transfers

    ZedPay VISA&MasterCard offers convenient payment and transactions options worldwide.
    No matter where you are, access an array of payment solutions through ZedPay.
    Don't miss out on exclusive ZedPay opportunities! Discover Where You Can Use Your ZedPay VISA&MasterCard Wondering where and what you can do with your ZedPay VISA&MasterCard.

    Why Opt for a ZedPay VISA&MasterCard?

    1. Travel Tickets and Transportation Payments

    Choose from a variety of transportation options, including plane, train, bus, mini-bus, ferry, tram, and metro tickets. You can also make payments for taxis, rental cars, scooters, bikes, and more.

    2. Healthcare Payments and Expenses

    Manage your healthcare expenses effortlessly, including hospital payments, check-up appointments, medical analyses, examinations, prescription costs, dental insurance premiums, doctor visits, co-pays, medication expenses (both prescription and over-the-counter), eyeglasses, contact lenses, wheelchairs, and more.

    3. Holiday Expenses and Reservations

    While on your holiday, easily manage expenses such as hotel reservations, ticket bookings, tour organization payments, transportation costs, ferry tour tickets, dining expenses, excursion fees, souvenir purchases, and any other travel-related expenses you may encounter during your trip.

    4. Insurance Coverage

    Explore a wide range of insurance options, including health and body insurance, natural disaster coverage, vehicle insurance, compulsory traffic insurance, motor insurance, complementary health insurance, private health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, pet insurance, mobile phone insurance, transportation insurance, machinery and equipment coverage, travel insurance, and more.

    5. Automotive Expenses

    Handle various automotive expenses, including parking payments and fees, vehicle maintenance costs, annual vehicle inspections, fuel, repairs, tire replacements, registration fees, taxes, licensing fees, vehicle loan interest, rental or lease payments, and more.

    6.Shopping Mall Payments

    Enjoy quality time with family and friends at the shopping mall, and use your ZedPay card to conveniently pay for clothing and accessories, jewelry, dining at restaurants in the food court, shopping at bookstores, visiting the play area, exploring home decor shops, and indulging in beauty treatments.

    7. Cultural Activity Payments

    Easily make payments for a wide range of cultural activities, including cinema outings, theater productions, concerts, opera performances, musicals, museum visits, art gallery admissions, art courses, dance club memberships, artist residencies, drawing and painting supplies, photography and film-related expenses, pottery and ceramics products, woodworking hobby materials, and more.

    8. Personal Care

    Cover your personal care expenses, including payments for hairdresser services, spa treatments, swimming pool access, hot spring visits, massage treatments, meditation sessions, steam room memberships, and more.

    9. Sports Activity Payments

    Manage your sports and fitness expenses, such as gym memberships, Pilates and yoga club fees, martial arts classes, golf club memberships, and more.

    10. Technology Purchases

    Use your ZedPay card to shop for a wide range of technology products, including computers and accessories, tablets, mobile phones, headphones, game consoles, home appliances, and more.

    11.Utility Bill Payment

    No need to stress about your utility bill payments anymore.
    Whether it's for telephone, cable TV, internet, mobile phone, water, natural gas, electricity, and more, you can set up automatic bill payment orders conveniently through the ZedPay card interface from your account.

    You may give automatic bill payment orders from ZedPay Card interface from your account.

    12.Rent Payment

    Ensure your rent is always paid on time through standing orders. You can easily set up rent payment standing orders from your account using ZedPay cards.

    13. Online Shops

    Enjoy seamless online shopping on all e-commerce platforms anytime, anywhere with your ZedPay VISA&MasterCard.
    Additionally, you can access all the services mentioned above online.

    Attention: ZedPay Card provides you with very advantageous payment support for all your needs above. Apart from this, you can use ZedPay card to meet all your needs around the world.
    You are expected to meet the necessary security criteria to apply and become a card holder.

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