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We're always looking for new ways to provide the best services to our customers.

We are bringing a new breath to the digital shopping era.
The payment systems we provide, especially in the diamond trade and the crypto sector, are gaining popularity worldwide.

You can transfer to different wallets at any day and time you want through the purse that you have connected to ZedPay.
ZedPay virtual card provides excellent payment facilities in your routine life.
You can transfer money quickly on any day and at any time.
At the same time, you save much time with fast and accessible systems for all your payment transactions.
ZedPay hosts users from all over the world.
You can use this technology in any period, regardless of place, location, or time.
This system works almost all countries in the world, can be used by anyone who wants to benefit from the digital world from and integrate its benefits into their lives.

Let's discover what remittance means and how to use it with ZedPay.
Remittance means the transfer of currencies between two groups, individuals, companies, or family and friends.
It's a term usually associated with people who send money back to loved ones from the approach.
Options for remittance include money transfers, currency transfers, ZedPay Digital Wallet, VISA&MasterCards.

Read on to discover how a ZedPay remittance works.
A remittance is simply a money transfer sent between two groups.
Though a remittance can refer to any currency transfer.
It usually describes someone sending money to another country.
For example, you might be sending funds to your family abroad, whether as a gift or contributing towards bills at home.
ZedPay provides that sending and receiving money for you easly.
In the digital platform we created from scratch, you can easily make your money transfers following simple instructions.
Now, it is effortless with ZedPay VISA&MasterCard to transfer your money domestically and abroad.
In addition, we keep our fee very low than well-known remittance providers for you.
Because ZedPay customers are privileged like ZedPay itself.

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